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Isobel Reed Torn cover art

"A stunning blend of humour, emotion, steam and relatability." - Goodreads review

"Great story that made me feel all warm and cozy inside." - Goodreads review

"Witty and charming." - Amazon review

She’s running. He wants to catch her. Fall in love with Jenny and Jackson in this standalone, enemies to friends to lover’s small-town romance.

City girl Jenny is lost. She was sure that dedicating her life to being a war correspondent was enough. She didn’t need a relationship. She didn’t want a family. And spending only a few weeks a year back home in London wasn’t a big deal. That was until it all went wrong. That was until she watched her friend die in her arms. That day changed everything. So what’s a girl to do when your whole world blows up? Run away, that’s what.

Growing up in small town Texas, local construction worker Jackson gave up on love a long time ago. So when a brunette beauty launches herself at him and manages to get in a few punches, even he’s surprised by his reaction to her. There’s no doubt she’s trouble but he can’t seem to keep away.

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