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Welcome to Woodvalley Pines…where hunky firefighters save the day! It’s time to turn up the heat and hope this smokin’ hot fireman can control the blaze.

Libby hadn’t even been in Woodvalley Pines a day and she was already freaking out. Her kitchen had just set on fire. From toast of all things! That’s right, she was the victim of the elusive toaster fire. Yes, a toaster. Who knew they could just spontaneously burst into flames? She certainly didn’t. If that wasn’t enough to ruin her day, a swarm of hot firefighters seeing her in her pink pajamas would do it.

Zach tried his hardest not to laugh as the woman in the Disney pajamas accused him of keeping toaster fire safety a secret. He didn’t know where in the world this angry green-eyed princess had come from, but he had to admit that he was intrigued. After all, if she had this much passion when it came to talking toasters, what other kind of flames could he stoke in her?

Libby and Zach’s spark was instant, but will the fire burn out or can they keep the flames blazing?


Since when did men withhold sex until you agreed to be in a relationship with them? What kind of backward a** town was this?

“I don’t want to go.” The intensity in his voice sent a shiver down her spine. When he took a step closer, placing himself back between her thighs, the air electrified around them. “In fact, the last thing I want to do right now is leave.”

“Then what do you want?” Her voice came out in a breathless whisper.


Next thing she knew, his forehead was on her again, pushing against her own. “You know what I want.”

She let her eyes flutter closed as she breathed him in. Why was he doing this? Why did he have to want more?

When she didn’t reply, he continued.

“I want my mouth back on you, Libby.” She kept her eyes shut. Letting his husky words wrap around her. Embracing the goosebumps. “I want your sexy as f**k legs spread.” Holy mother of sh**-balls. “I want to spend all damn night tracing every inch of you with my tongue. And I don't want to stop until you’re dripping down onto my chin.”

Did he really just say that?

“But as I’ve already told you … that’s not gonna happen. Not tonight. Not until you agree to be mine.”

Alarm bells were ringing in her head again. Step away from the hot fireman.


No matter how tempted she was, self-preservation was much more important. This guy had heartbreaker written all over him. That scared her more than how badly she craved him. It was time to back the hell up.

Can you say mother issues much?

The problem with being pinned to a kitchen countertop is that you’re stuck. You can’t take a step back. Run away. Or even fake a heart attack. Libby really wished she could fake a heart attack right about now.

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