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Can these two old friends stop fighting their feelings long enough to grab hold of their second chance?

Summer’s life was not going plan. With no job or home, she found herself back in the small town she grew up in. Bluestone County. Despite being broke, she’d always dreamed of taking over her grandfather’s bar. So when she found out she was too late and her childhood friend Teddy had bought it, she might have lost it. As in banging down his door and throwing expensive bottles of whiskey at his wall kind of lost it. It wasn’t her finest moment. But talking of fine…

Retired Navy SEAL Teddy was used to dealing with tough situations. You name it, he’d seen it. Yet, nothing had quite prepared him for the sight of a raging Summer hurling an eight-hundred-dollar bottle of whiskey at his head. She certainly knew how to make an entrance. And raise his blood pressure. Having the blonde hellion back in town wasn’t all bad though. He’d missed his friend. Although he’d be lying if he said friendship was all he was interested in. Summer had owned his heart for a long time. He’d missed his chance once before, there was no way he was going to let that happen again.


“What. The. F**k.” Teddy seethed, “I can’t believe you just threw a f**king lamp at me!” He could hear his voice getting louder and louder by the second. “What the hell is wrong with you, Summer?”

Me?” Summer’s shriek easily matched his volume as her hazel eyes narrowed on him. “What the hell is wrong with you?

A second later, something else was hurtling toward him, only just missing his head. An ear-piercing smash later, he spared a glance at the floor to his left and couldn’t help but scowl. This had to be a bad dream. Dark liquid was now seeping into his hardwood floors while crooked shards of glass stood to attention.

“Have you lost your damn mind, woman? That was an eight-hundred-dollar bottle of whiskey!”

“Oh no,” she mocked, bringing her chipped red nails up to cup her face. “Sucks when someone takes something that isn’t theirs … doesn’t it?”

He’d had enough. “For the last goddamn time, Mickey wanted to sell, and I wanted to buy. End of story. You weren’t in the country … You’re never in the country! How on earth was I supposed to know Mickey promised you the bar? I’m not a damn mind reader, Summer!”

Really, this is all my fault, Teddy thought as he mentally cursed himself. It was too late for this bulls**t. Why on earth did he even answer the door? He was old enough and ugly enough to know that nothing good ever came from answering your door after midnight.

He certainly hadn’t been prepared to see Summer Willis. Mickey’s granddaughter. It had been five long years since he’d seen the beautiful, blonde, pain in his a**. And now here she was, using the contents of his shelf and his living room wall for target practice because, apparently, Mickey had at one point in time offered her the bar Teddy had just purchased.

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